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A Single Shot

I’m on a business trip in Paris right now and all I can think about at this moment is the Dries Van Noten exhibition I saw this afternoon at Les Arts Décoratifs.  The exhibit is focused on Dries’s inspirations for many of his collections for both men and women. Alongside his various collections are paintings, costumes, art ephemera both old and current, vintage clothing by others designers (Balenciaga, Thierry Mugler, Claude Montana, Vivienne Westwood, Schiaparelli and more) and even videos of artisans in India sewing embroideries and embellishments onto garments.  Each section of the exhibit is accompanied by words from Van Noten describing the feeling of certain eras or movements, all thoughtfully and beautifully articulated.  A video of the dancer Pina Bausch was playing near one of his more recent collections, and I remembered that I had this photo from an early issue of Nylon magazine of the model Jamie Bochert wearing a metallic dress while dancing.  It’s always been a favorite, and it makes me want to watch Pina again (or even visit the Dries exhibit one more time).


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While looking for inspiration this morning I came across these photos I ripped out of one of those Vogue Special Edition issues that they publish at the end of the year, usually featuring the “Best-Dressed” of the year, decade, etc.  These women are what I would call “forever inspirations” because the way they wear clothes is completely transcendent of any time or trend.  Kate Moss is someone who has left a permanent mark in our minds with her style and attitude, Sarah Jessica Parker captured a specific time effortlessly with Sex and the City (and even if her ensembles didn’t look totally effortless they still managed to look amazing on her), and Alexa Chung has an essence of Jane Birkin that speaks to generations both young and old.  I think their looks (and the characters they’ve played) are all very inspired, real, and completely timeless.  Also, if you haven’t seen 73 Questions with SJP on Vogue yet, take a look and be completely charmed by not only her but her fantastic home.






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Manolo Blahnik’s S/S ’14 collection has been on my mind a lot lately, particularly the first pair of cha-cha heels below.  I want them in a bad way, meaning I’ve been investigating which stores in the U.S. will stock them and hoping that someone actually made the buy.  I haven’t purchased a pair of heels in a while, but these are at the top of my list and I’m envisioning every which way to wear them — dressing up vintage Indian dresses, worn with baggy jeans, paired with slouchy sweats, etc.  I love a classic Manolo pump, but these below are the ones that get me really excited.







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Always and Forever

In my early twenties I discovered the designer Susan Cianciolo and felt as if I had found something so beautiful and so pure.  That was about 15 years ago, when fashion was having a real DIY moment that was different from what DIY is today.  There was nothing crafty or cute about it; it was experimental, avant-garde, and really thought through. Susan Cianciolo became a forever idol to me when I was flat broke and working my way through college, going to thrift stores and attempting to deconstruct and put something together that could resemble something as free-spirited and thoughtful as her clothing. This morning I was looking in my inspiration folders and found this breathtaking Hobo Magazine editorial shot by Mark Borthwick with clothes by Susan Cianciolo.  It will always be a favorite and a reminder to keep my creative spirit alive.






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Urban Jungle

I just got back from a business trip to New York, and while I love the city with every fiber of my being I just can’t ever seem to assimilate in freezing January temperatures.  I grew up in Houston and I live in Los Angeles so it makes sense.  I got a little too excited this morning while getting dressed when I remembered that I didn’t have to put on my down coat.  Instead, I got to put on an Indian summer dress and go out into the sunshine.  For me, nothing beats the sun shining through the palm trees and the surreal orange meets purple meets pink meets red sunsets that frequent the Los Angeles skies.  I am a California girl through and through.  While I was at the studio cleaning and organizing post-trip, I came across these photos of Valentine Fillol Cordier that look as if they were shot in LA (the neighborhood stairs give it away) and it reminded me of all the natural beauty and greenery that is the perfect backdrop for a big city.  It always makes for a good photo shoot, especially when the subject is pretty in pink, posing under orange trees and exploring open fields of grass.  I especially love the coquettish mood that also manages to evoke a playful bohemianism.  It’s very LA.







elleAll images from Elle

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I have a very deep love and appreciation for antique jewelry.  Two of my most prized possessions are my 300-year-old wedding ring made with emeralds and rose cut diamonds and a gold horseshoe locket I bought in Buenos Aires about 8 years ago.  Just like any girl, I love jewelry and always have a special something on my wish list, but there’s something about antique and vintage jewelry that just feels completely unique and special – like a true keepsake.  One of my favorite antique jewelry (and accessories) stores is Erie Basin in New York.  It never fails that every time I look at their online selection of gems I fall completely and totally in love with something.  I rarely make it in person to the shop for fear of spending all of my money, but when the time comes to buy another antique treasure I will surely visit.  These are a few of my favorites on the Erie Basin website.


This 1880s Victorian bracelet is something I would wear everyday, like my wedding ring and my horseshoe locket. I am a sucker for gold and turquoise together. Add pearls to the mix and I go even crazier.


These 1890s pearl, rose cut diamond and enamel Victorian earrings are total showstoppers.

a_flyring07131-LWhile some might think it’s odd to wear a fly on your finger, I am of the kind that says yes to critters decorated in diamonds, rubies and emeralds. This beautiful ring is from the 1870s-1880s.


Nothing but class, these French Poissarde earrings are made of Topaz paste and 18K gold. I’ve never been a big fan of topaz, but these are so special that I would consider buying them.


I love the shape of this 1910s Edwardian Diamond Dinner Ring. This isn’t something I would wear everyday, but it would definitely get some love.

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