Those who know me are aware of my serious magazine hoarding. It all started in high school when I got sucked in to the brilliant world of fashion magazines, literary magazines (R.I.P. Index) and the like. I’ve saved 500 plus with the intention of building an incredible library that would serve as a source of inspiration for many years to come. They’ve followed me from Texas all the way to California, and to each and every apartment I’ve lived in. However, the time has come to make room for new things that I’ve acquired along with my husband-to-be and his habit of music hoarding.With all that said, I’ve been going through my old issues of Vogue, The Face, Harper’s Bazaar, etc. and ripping out whatever grabs my eye. Editorials on hidden shopping gems in faraway places, recipes for future dinner parties, beautiful photo shoots, home decor inspiration and much more. I’m filing these away for future reference and thoroughly enjoying the process.I’ve been throwing the idea around of starting a blog the past few months and decided that today would be the day, after weeks and weeks of procrastination. I have so many photos and cool things I’m always wanting to rant and rave about, and I realized that all my magazine images I’ve been tearing out lately would not only be a good start, but make perfect eye candy. so, here I am with my blog, dedicated to all things that inspire me day to day and get my creative energy flowing.