Darryl and I talk about moving to B.A. in the next three years. I met a guy there on my first visit who was from London and followed his girlfriend there. He kept working for the same company he worked for in London, only on a freelance basis. But, he still got paid in pounds. Totally crazy, considering 6.37 pesos = 1 gbp!!! Needless to say, he was living a good life in B.A. In the meantime, we’ll keep fantasizing and just look at more pretty pictures.You don’t see trucks this amazing in LA.batruck.jpgI spotted these vintage cameras at the San Telmo flea market. I wish I would have bought one.bacameras.jpgHow amazing would it be to find all of this in someone’s basement? Why are they selling it? I wouldn’t. I would decorate my house with babies. Not really. But, I really would save it.bafleamarket.jpgTango shoes. The store Siobhan and I went to was pure heaven. You walk in to a beautiful space with full length mirrors, sit down, take off your shoes, and a saleswoman comes up to you and asks your size. She then brings you every type of tango shoe you could imagine. We felt so special. So much so that we dropped 1,000 pesos each on tango shoes. I dream about that place.batango.jpgFun! These were at the San Telmo flea market.batoys.jpgPart of the view from the Panamericano hotel. Beautiful, right?baview.jpgThe front of a house. This is an awesome idea. You can do things like this in B.A.baplates.jpg