I was going through some of my old tear sheets organized in my “interiors” folder and found some info on photographer Laurie Simmons. She’s been around since the 70’s and made a name for herself staging weird scenes with dolls. In 2004, she had a show at Sperone Westwater gallery in New York (where she is represented) called “Instant Decorator.” She transformed and then photographed pages from a 70’s DIY decorating book which was originally supposed to serve as a tome for holding swatches of fabric and wallpaper samples. The results are kitschy, provocative, feminist, and quite surreal. This is the kind of art that I want to own.The Instant Decorator (Pink and Green Bedroom II/Slumber Party) All images from Sperone Westwater.theinstantdecoratorpinkandgreenbedroomslumberparty.jpgThe Long House (Red Bathroom)thelonghouseredroom.jpgThe Instant Decorator (Lavender Bathroom)theinstantdecoratorlavenderbathroom.jpgThe Instant Decorator (Red, White, & Blue Room)theinstantdecoratorredwhiteandblueroom.jpgThe Instant Decorator (Coral Room with Fireplace)theinstantdecoratorcoralroomwithfireplace.jpg