I made a list a while back titled “Things I Want” when I realized that there were many things I wanted and I couldn’t quite keep up. Nothing big or major, like a house or a boat (although both would be nice) but small things like books, shoes, and you know, things. It’s actually really fun, because when I find something that I absolutely have to have I just add it to my list. That way, I never forget. Which could be a bad thing…..Right now I’m totally into 40’s inspired peep toe shoes. Rachel Comey just came out with a green perforated suede pair that I can’t afford right now. And, I watched a vintage snakeskin pair like a hawk on ebay, but I lost by $1. I’m not going to lie, I shed a little tear. It was silly. Here they are.rachelcomey40s.jpgLOOK AT THESE. I know, it makes me sick.40s-ebay.jpg