I love animals. I always said that if I didn’t work in fashion I would want to help animals in some way. That sounds like a Miss America response to a question, but it’s really true. I had cats growing up – my first two were a Siamese mix named Siboney and Daisy. They passed away and my mom wouldn’t allow anymore cats in the house because she was then diagnosed with asthma. Dr.’s orders. Then one day, a little tabby started showing up on our doorstep, so we adopted her but made sure she stayed outside. After a couple of years, she was diagnosed with cancer and passed away. I remember being totally depressed for days. So now, I am the proud owner of Panda, the cutest calico on the planet. I’ve thought about why I love cats so much, and I think it’s because of their solitary weirdness. They’re sneaky, sassy, quiet, and I love how they prance around. There is something totally girlie and kitschy about them. If I could, I’d own one more. But Darryl said that would mean more poop to clean out of the litter box. I think he’s just acting lazy.Illustration by Ros Shiers. Taken from Balcony Jump website. This is one of my favorite images – top 5 for sure.rosshierscats.jpgFrom Lula Magazine.catlula2.jpgI found this illustration online. It’s from a 1913 issue of Ladies Home Journal. Weird.catpictures3.jpgSamantha Mathis in Lula Magazine.catlularedo.jpg