is everywhere right now. After a long hiatus from making movies, his upcoming release “Mister Lonely” promises to be as equally amazing as his previous films. Never one to be conventional, HK wrote “Mister Lonely” as an abstraction going after emotion and feeling rather than plot. The main story revolves around a group of celebrity impersonators living on a hippy commune in Scotland. Samantha Morton plays Marilyn Monroe, Diego Luna plays Michael Jackson, Denis Lavant is Charlie Chaplin, Anita Pallenberg plays the Queen, and Werner Herzog plays an alcoholic priest. Enough said.I’m looking forward to seeing “Mister Lonely” as I’ve always been a fan of HK since I watched “Kids” back in the day. Something about seeing HK in magazines galore right now makes me anxiously excited about 2008. I’m looking forward to new creativity.Even Marc Jacobs likes him. (Marc Jacobs ad)harmonykorinemj2.jpgHarmony and Jabba the Hutt, ANP Quarterlyharmonykorine.jpgI’ll leave you with a little bit of Michael Jackson (Diego Luna), Purple Magazinemjackson.jpg