My friend Hollie emailed these photos to me when I was looking for some colorful inspiration for a project. They were taken by Stephen Meisel for Vogue Italia. When I first looked at them, they reminded me of Art Nouveau drawings simply because there is no wasted space in the photo- something I always notice when looking at Art Nouveau work. Obviously, they aren’t Art Nouveau but they have some of the same qualities as far as composition.The models look like rockabilly rebels- a look I’ve always admired. They’re a combination of pin-up girl meets boudoir babe in beautiful dresses against a dizzying array of florals and psychedelics. I keep thinking how amazing it would be to see someone walking down the street looking just like one of these lovely ladies. All dressed up with places to go.fashionspot31.jpgfashionspot41.jpgfashionspot21.jpgfashionspot12.jpg