Spending time with friends and family over the holidays was the absolute best. I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for my awesome friends and family, including Darryl (my best friend and my husband-to-be!) Here are a few highlights from holiday parties.It’s 2008! This is going to be a great year full of amazing opportunities for everyone. Do something!Starting our Christmas party off right.sarajo.jpgpartypeeps.jpgBecky and her beau. The male version of herself.beckmichael.jpgWe played the white elephant game. Always a good time with a big group of people. These headphones that Lymi is holding were a coveted item. She took them away from people a couple of times and was the proud owner in the end.lymi.jpgCuzzy Shannon and Drew.shannondrew.jpgRob got a Britney Spears tour book. Here he is showing it off with delight.rob.jpgCoolest reindeer ever.sara.jpgKatherine The Great.katherine.jpgChristmas Eve at Uncle Peck and Meg’s place. Group photo of Drew, Shannon, myself, Darryl, Dave, Moral, Siobhan and Miles.group.jpgDarryl is cute.darryl.jpgTreat table. I made a red velvet cake with nuts. Except I didn’t eat any because I ate too much of Siobhan’s mac and cheese and went into a major food coma.treats.jpgCuzzy Love.joshannon.jpgMoral and Dave got a robot vacuum cleaner. Everyone thought it was funny.moral.jpgTa-da!josio.jpgUncle Peck is the coolest. Seriously, I can’t imagine anyone cooler than him. 100% uncle awesomeness.unclepeck.jpgSiobhan got a Sonicare toothbrush from Miles. She was stoked.siobhan.jpg