Those who know me are well aware that when it comes to packing for a trip, I can’t seem to pack enough. My suitcase always exceeds the amount of weight allowed on a plane, yet I continue to pack enough clothes and shoes to last me two weeks, even if I’m only staying somewhere for 5 days. In the past year, I’ve gotten better at narrowing my choices down. But each time a trip is near, I can’t help but visualize what I’ll want to wear to each and every place I plan on eating, drinking, or shopping. I attribute this behavior to some type of fashion fantasy in my head. I’ve always been a daydreamer and I don’t know anyone who has more nostalgic feelings than I do, and I can relate a good amount of items I own to memories of the past.The past few days I’ve been planning my honeymoon to Kauai in May. Darryl and I have never been to Hawaii so you can imagine the excitement and curiosity that is filling our brains. Of course, I’ve been thinking about what I’ll want to pack. What I envision myself wearing every day are caftans. Of course, only when I’m not snorkeling or hiking. I imagine myself lounging around on the beach and on the deck of our rental cottage wearing colorful caftans with a book and a big coconut at close reach. I’ve always admired the bohemian chic vibe they give off and they manage to make every girl who wears them look like an individual with her own sense of personal style. Maybe it’s the bright colors or the kaleidoscopic prints that most have, but they exude a 70’s glamour that I can’t resist. Talitha Getty comes to mind when I think of frolicking in the sand wearing a caftan. A style icon, she wore caftans beautifully and embodied the bohemian lifestyle. She was one of the first to inspire the words “bohemian chic” and “hippie chic”.Below, a photo of Talitha Getty and some caftans I wouldn’t mind taking on my trip to Kauai.A famous photo of Talitha Getty and husband, Paul Getty. Taken in Marrakesh, Morocco January 1969.talithagetty.jpgA Mexican inspired caftancaftan1.jpgDashiki caftancaftan2.jpgHawaiian inspiredcaftan3.jpgMexican hippiecaftan4.jpg