Fashion week has just started, and while it’s not even close to being over I can already say that I have a favorite collection. My new designer obsession: Alexander Wang. Still considered a newcomer to the fashion world, he’s quietly morphed into a “one to watch” in NYC and has developed quite a following amongst downtown gals. I’m totally into all the menswear inspired looks that are quickly trickling down from the runway to the streets, and Alexander Wang’s Fall 08 collection has a borrowed from the boys, post-grunge industrial look that I can’t get enough of. And while the collection may be on the darker side, there’s still a sense of femininity that resonates throughout. Rolled up denim shorts, oversize tuxedo blazers, slouchy pants, oversize tops, and ripped stockings are just a few of the pieces I have stuck in my head. Take a look.All images from Style.comwang1.jpgwang2.jpgwang3.jpgwang4.jpgwang5.jpgwang6.jpg