Last weekend I went to the Santa Monica Vintage Expo for the first time accompanied by two lovely ladies, Sara and Siobhan. I didn’t really know what to expect and I was totally blown away in the first ten seconds. It was at the convention center and the best vintage vendors from around the world set up shop for two days, selling their goods at way too expensive (for me right now) prices. I felt like I was at a vintage shopping mall, mostly because it was indoors as opposed the the outdoor flea markets I normally go to for vintage shopping. There were some beautiful Victorian dresses, and if I’d had $250 to drop I probably would have. A mint condition Victorian dress would be perfect for my Marie Antoinette themed bridal shower next weekend, but I’m working with a freelance budget these days! Sara decided to browse the half off racks, and I did the same. We ended up totally scoring on a dress for the bridal shower (Sara), a dress for my engagement photos (Moi), some high waisted 80’s Jordache (Sara), and a few other amazing treasures at affordable prices. It was well worth the trip. Here are a few photos of some things I was drooling over.Vintage Victorian baby shoes. Out of control.babyshoes.jpgWould make an amazing wedding dress.victoriandress.jpgSuch a lady.vintagebags.jpgI would hem this up and wear it out on the town.vintagedress.jpgThese shoes have history.victorianshoes.jpgVintage always looks merchandised much better than new things, wouldn’t you agree?vintageexpo.jpgI wanted this real bad.vintagesuitcase.jpgThis must be what heaven looks like.vintageshoes2.jpg