I never knew who Carla Bruni was until Nicolas Sarkozy. All of a sudden this beautiful woman started popping up everywhere. On the arm of Sarkozy, on the cover of an album, in the media, etc. Little did I know that she was an Italian model back in the day, working with designers such as John Galliano, Yves Saint Laurent, and Karl Lagerfeld. She’s also a musician and has a few albums, mostly in French. I’ve recently become fascinated by her, mostly because of her effortless style and her attitude. Not to mention she’s absolutely stunning. Her reputation, however, is not so stunning. She had an affair with Mick Jagger, was in a relationship with writer Jean-Paul Enthoven whom she lived with, only to fall in love and have an affair with his son. While that side of her doesn’t impress me, the fact that she has the guts to date the President of France after all that’s been said and revealed about her does impress me. Somehow, it makes her style that much more impressive.

Yves Saint Laurent’s Memorial Service in Paris

No Promises Album Cover

I love this photo.