I think one of my first posts mentioned my countless magazines and the endless process of trying to discard of them properly. I use the word “properly” because my magazine collection is something I take seriously, and going through hundreds of them is no small feat. However! The process is almost complete and I must say it was worth lugging hundreds, if not thousands of pounds all over Houston and Los Angeles. I cannot even begin to describe the images I’ve found, or the excitement I’ve encountered upon their discovery. I’ve forgotten about so many, and they took me back to my days of buying Vogue when I really should have used my last $4 to buy Ramen Noodles. I love me some Ramen, but I love fashion more. It’s moments like this that make me understand why I do love it so much when I’m hating it the most. It’s fickle, it’s competitive, it can be somewhat lame; but it’s my first love and don’tcha know nothing can ever replace that.

Images below are from W Magazine 2005

If looks could kill, we’d all be dead.

Naughty meets Haughty

Just roaming the streets in full regalia

Best Friends Forever.