I’ve always found people’s choice of “style icons” interesting. I’ve never really thought too much about who I would consider an icon until I saw Liz Goldwyn, granddaughter of film mogul Samuel Goldwyn, at the Santa Monica Vintage Expo. I’ve admired her way of dressing for quite some time, and actually seeing her in person was not disappointing, thankfully. She has a sort of gracefulness in her look and how she carries herself, and an inimitable style that is both trying and effortless. You will never see her in jeans or without some amazing accessory (she designs jewelry, too). She exudes glamour and is not your typical beauty; she surpasses typical and uses what she has to reflect her style. I imagine her to have a specific dress waiting for a perfect occasion. While most people would say those born into wealth have easier access to acquiring a perfect wardrobe, it’s important to point out that there’s also easier access to acquiring a tasteless wardrobe. I’ve seen plenty of people in this city who fit the latter.

Images from Style.com