I don’t know if I’m behind on new websites so correct me if I’m wrong, but there is a NEW site I stumbled upon called ffffound that is blowing my mind.  It’s an image bookmarking website where you can browse thousands of photos that people find inspiring and want to share with others.  You can then bookmark those images, upload your own images, and create your own little world of inspiration to share with the world.  I found some really eerie images that I wanted to share.  Eerie, but beautiful.  And I also found some not so eerie, but more provocative and really fascinating.  I think most of them are kind of ahead of their time, if you ask me.  Go ahead, ask me.  But first!  Take a look.

Ballet is easy when you’re sitting.

Remember those pop-up books you had as a kid?  I should have had one like this.

Sometimes I think cats should be regarded as humans.  There is something so perfect about this photo.

Ever see Eyes Wide Shut?  Totally underrated.  This photo reminds me of that fine film.

I like masks a lot.  Especially animal masks.  I think they’re funny and cute.

Trippy.  Reminds me of artist Matt Leines.

I think the pastels make this photo look really cool and sort of daydream-y.

I know, I know.  More cats.  But look how sweet this is.  I think that’s her dad, not her mom.

This photo is so great it looks fake.

I am envious of red-haired women.

I keep wondering if she ate the bird.  I don’t think she did.  It was just love.  Awesome photo.