The only thing I dislike about Los Angeles weather is the lack of rain.  I miss the thunderstorms I grew up with and the hard rain that forced me to stay indoors and daydream.  These photos remind me of that.  The black and white, the thick raindrops, the dreariness, the books, the coffee–they have a melancholy mood that resonates with me.  These are the kind of photos that I love.  They tell a story.  The backdrop of the Czech Republic, the tram with writing in Czech, the sophistication, the seriousness–it’s a perfect introduction to the clothes.  These photos tell a story of intellectual lives being lived by people who aren’t afraid to cover up in long sleeves and long skirts.  There’s an old world quality to them, yet it’s still difficult to define the era.  They’re timeless,  which is something I’m very much into with fashion.