If you’re anything like me and can watch Before Sunrise and Before Sunset over and over and never tire of honest conversations, heartbreak, and angelic scenery, you need to check out the greatest indie film of 2008–In Search of a Midnight Kiss. A love letter to Los Angeles, the film tells the story of two lost souls who meet online and are both searching for something meaningful in life, all set against the backdrop of downtown Los Angeles. Paying homage to the history of a city filled with hope and disappointment, it’s a film almost everyone can relate to and will leave you wanting more. My best friend, Sara Simmonds, plays the lead and will have you convinced that she’s a total psycho, only to make you love her in the end. Yes, I’m bragging. But only because I’m so proud. And yes, I am biased. But, if Gene Siskel were alive he’d totally give it a thumbs up.