When I moved to Los Angeles 5 years ago, one of the things that made me feel lucky to be living here was the fact that I had monthly access to the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  Where I’m from, flea markets are not easy to come by, which is unfortunate considering I’m a hoarder and lover of all things vintage.  It was mostly about thrift stores in Houston, which can be pure vintage heaven for those on the hunt for something old, special, and really cheap.  Thrift store shopping is my favorite thing to do when I head back south.  My mom hates going with me because she can’t stand the smell of the clothes or the thought of wearing something second hand.  She is not responsible for my love of fashion/shopping/vintage.  In high school, my friend and I used to switch the price tags at our favorite thrift store so we could buy things even cheaper than $2.  I know, I know — I still feel guilty about it.  I’ve been to 3 flea markets in L.A. numerous times: Rose Bowl, Melrose Trading Post, and Pasadena City College.  They all have certain things I love about them, and I’ve learned which vendors to buy from, what time to show up, and how to bargain (the hardest thing for me to learn since I am a major people pleaser).   When you’re living below poverty level like I was 5 years ago, it’s best not to go or you might get really depressed because you can’t buy something you REALLY WANT.  I went to the Melrose flea market today and rather than spend money on clothes and shoes, I took some photos of beautiful things that I was drawn to.  I love how antiques can look so well merchandised even when they’re all thrown together on a table.  I get so excited when I see knick-knacks piled next to other knick-knacks mixed in with vintage clothes and accessories. Everything looks so colorful and old and beautiful.  I was inspired to do a flea market post of my photos taken today and others I took a while back.


Taken in Buenos Aires