By now everyone is probably sick and tired of hearing about fashion week, but I’ve been feeling guilty about not finishing my recap from a few weeks ago and I promised myself I would finish it before this week begins.  I’ve been lagging on the posts lately due to an insane workload, but now I’m back and I’m feeling optimistic about things.  I can’t stand that feeling of being overworked, but when I finally get a moment to collect my thoughts an reflect, I feel like it’s all paid off.  I love the sense of accomplishment.  

 I have a never ending wish list it seems.  I am not greedy or selfish or consumed by consumerism in any way, but there are so many beautiful things I wish I could get my hands on.  Especially after seeing all this madness:

Hannah Macgibbon’s take on the Chloe girl.  I am feeling it.  Red leather shorts?  YES.

The scallops remind me of paper dolls and arts and crafts.

I’m very much into hunter green right now.  

The whole rock & roll western theme going on at Givenchy didn’t wow me.  But I did love the suits.

And the western tie.  I just bought a vintage one last weekend.  In hunter green, of course.

The bags and shoes at Louis Vuitton were heavily praised, but I was more into the clothes and the jewelry.

As always, the Alexander McQueen show was a journey.  I’m completely in love with this dress.  The details alone are remarkable.  It reminds me of a burlesque costume.

If I were ever to take a trip to space, I would wear this.

I wonder how long it took to construct these cut-outs.

Something else I’m really into right now: ethereal dresses in white.  Perhaps with a signature McQueen skull.

Sonia Rykiel created dresses for fairies and princesses.  It was her 40th anniversary.

 Alessandra Facchinetti of Valentino paid her respects wit this show stopping number.  I want it.

I love these VPL pants for fall.  And this amazing necklace designed by Lizzie Fortunato.

My favorite thing about this YSL ensemble is the proportions.  The cropped top, the high-waisted pant, and the short, boxy jacket.

Blood red sequins at YSL

YSL – a little bit demure, a little bit sexy