When it comes to fashion ads, I’ve always appreciated the creative artwork of Balenciaga.  Unlike most advertisements, especially fashion, their ads never focus solely on the model.  Rather, they focus on the clothes and have an element of surrealism that takes away from the corporate in-your-face way of selling.  I can’t help but stare and wonder where the inspiration came from to create such beauty.  I always refer to their ads when I need some artistic fuel and I somehow never tire of them.  For the past few years I’ve been pulling Balenciaga ads out of magazines and adding them to my collection of tearsheets.  One of my first posts was of the first image below – the collage.   There’s something so ’60s about it – it’s trippy and bohemian and very magpie all at the same time.   I remember obsessing over those green pants and buying a similar version made by Joie that I wore with Helmut Lang Heels and a Theory blazer in the early 2000s.   It’s my most favorite ad ever.   It would be such a relief to see a change from all those super sensual, overtly sexy, “look at me I’m a rich jet-setter” ads to something more imaginative and not so over-stylized.

Here are a few Balenciaga ads I’ve gathered over the years.  I wish I knew of the seasons, but I’m kind of glad I’m not that anal.