I was flipping through my September issue of Vogue Italia today, trying to decide what to keep and what to discard.  The Scrapbook section got me excited for its detailed fashion illustrations and handwritten text.  I love collages that have text that look whimsical and not so premeditated.  Each photograph of clothing has a sketch and a detailed shot of the fabric – it’s like a collage put together by a fashion student.  I’m drawn to this way of presenting trends rather than the typical trend stories in US fashion magazines.  I love those, too, but I am especially drawn to the artistic approach that Vogue Italia takes.  One of the pages pays tribute to black and white patterns and embellishments.  The space-age Gareth Pugh dress that Beyonce’ just wore to the MTV Europe Awards is shown, as is Christopher Kane’s disco style paillette mini-dress and sequined sweater.  The details alone are worth appreciating. An entire page is devoted to Balenciaga’s architecturally shaped nature themed dresses and the amazing Robo Cop dress, and another to Balenciaga’s geometric booties, pants, and jackets.  




I was also amazed by this editorial spread – I love how ethnic everything looks – it’s like a mash up of Spanish flamboyance and the bold, bright fashions of Tokyo.