10 far out things that happened in 2008:

1. I got married to a hot stud and had the best. wedding. ever.

2. I got more freelance work.

3. Barack Obama won the presidency.

4. I got a hot bod thanks to insane amounts of exercise.

5. I partied like crazy in the desert with 15 of my closest lady friends.  Nothing beats a bachelorette party at a desert compound.

6. The Nick Cave/Spiritualized/Cat Power show.

7. I have proper pots and pans and a knife set.

8. The results of my recent physical came out normal.  Now I have to figure out why I keep getting headaches.  Allergies?

9. I finally got a California drivers license.  

10. I made new friends.


5 totally lame things that happened in 2008:

1. My computer crashed and I lost everything.  This caused me to lose motivation for a short period of time.  Apple pissed me off. Call me crazy, but if you drop a grand (at least) on a new laptop and have it for one year, the hard drive should not die.  Lesson learned: back your shit up.

2. I had to buy a new transmission for my VW wagon.  Lame.  Cars suck.

3. I burned my chest with boiling hot water during a pasta cookout.  I’m scarred.  Hopefully not for life.

4. I went through some 30-year-old emotional growth phase.  It was painful at first which was not any fun, but I’m actually loving it now.  This could probably go in my “far out” list too.

5. More pain and suffering in the world.


The great thing is that the far out things outweigh the lame things.  And more than anything, I’m completely grateful that I am healthy and happy and that I am surrounded by a loving family and friends.  LA never felt so good.

Now I’m going to talk about myself.  Introductions are always nice.  A few things about me:

1. I like hugging and giving and receiving kisses when greetings occur.  Some people are weird huggers.  They do those half-ass hugs which are soooo fake.  And most people aren’t kissers, especially with people they have just met.  I came from a lovey dovey family that smothered (and still does) me with affection so I can’t help it, really.

2. I am very emotional.  I cry at the littlest things – commercials, Gossip Girl, stress, depressing news stories, etc.  It’s kind of annoying.

3. I love transvestites.  They are probably the most confident individuals ever.  At least the ones who flaunt their stuff.

4. If I fall in love with a song, I completely obsess over it and play it over and over and over and over….

5. I find beauty in almost everything.

6. I wrote a letter to Vogue when I was in elementary school asking how much money fashion editors made.  I got a response.  It was nice, but disappointing.

7. Typing was the best class I ever took in school.  I am proud of my superior typing skills.

8. I love food with all my heart.  My dream is to have a home big enough to entertain in all the time.  

9. I get really overwhelmed by my thoughts and inspiration which sometimes leads to procrastination.

10. Music helped to shape my life.  I am forever in debt to Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Vicious Pink, and The Violent Femmes. The greatest sounds to a 10-year-old girl.  At least for me they were.


Here are a few things I’m digging right now.

Domestic Art: Curated Interiors – Edited by Holly Moore of PaperCity Magazine in Houston where I used to work.


Short hair a la Taylor Tomasi of Teen Vogue


Theda Bara


Crystal Stilts.  


Collages.  Like this one from Sea of Shoes.


All Saints (Spitalfield’s London)


Being married and in love.


Happy New Year!