There isn’t much that can top how inspired I feel when I go to flea markets.  I love the way things look piled together and I especially love creating scenarios in my head about the kinds of people who were previous owners of gorgeous dilapidated antiques, clothing, and all the other random things at flea markets.  I went to the Melrose Trading Post yesterday and took a few shots.  


I have always had a penchant for ethnic clothing.  I love the bright red embroidery and the length of this top.


This vendor has the most amazing vintage jewelry.  Victorian, Native American, Art Deco, you name it she has it.


I really wanted this bag but I couldn’t bring myself to pay $75 for it.  But it was in mint condition and the leather was heavy and perfect.


This poncho looks so cozy.  More of that bright red that I love.


I love how these old purses are hanging from the lamp.  It reminds me of the way something would look in a boudoir.  This is actually a genius way of merchandising.  


Seeing this made my heart melt.  It’s a box filled with old letters a woman wrote to her husband or boyfriend or friend while he was away.  I started to dream up my own scenario and got really bummed.  But it’s beautiful, right?


Horses are my favorite animal.  


I really like this pattern.  It looks very ’80s and Mexican/Native American at the same time.


Beat up brown leather vintage bags always look good.  Remember Dooney & Bourke?  Every popular girl in junior high had one.  They look so much cooler now.


How amazing are these boots?  These are definitely authentic riding boots.  Or are they military boots?