I started working out of home a little over 3 years ago and I absolutely love it.  When my (now) husband and I moved into our apartment I swore that I couldnt’ work unless I had a proper desk and a creative bubble for me to dream in.  I must say that it’s time to move into a 2-bedroom so that I can have a “real” office/inspiration room and not share it with the dining room like we do now.  Over the years I’ve saved some inspiring photos of workspaces.  Here are two that I love:


Sofia Coppola’s home office, when her and Spike Jonze were still an item.  It’s insanely chaotic, but I love it.  It just looks like every single thing is used as inspiration and somehow influences her work.  The office of a genius.


I found this in an old issue of Lucky Magazine, back in the day when they featured stylish homes alongside fashion.  I love the framed artwork.  This looks very Kate Spade to me – kitschy, classic, and an understated coolness.


And lastly, here is my current workspace.


My bulletin board makes me happy.


Books – some read, some half-read.  On my to-do list.


A huge stack of magazines to get through.  And my circus horse.