One of my side gigs is as a part-time buyer for my friend’s boutique which allows me to attend market week and pick out stunning clothing and accessories for the ladies, and a thing or two for myself if the budget allows (total bonus.)  That’s exactly what I did today and after hours of walking, contemplating, and writing up orders I came down with a serious headache.  I jetted home and looked at the pile of tearsheets on my desk to find the first photo sitting on top, which pretty much sums up how I looked for a few hours – my hands pressed to my head hoping that the pain would subside.  I only wish I were wearing this dress while aching. Luckily, the headache disappeared. 

These photos are from the August 2008 issue of  T Magazine (from the New York Times.)  The setting looks like a temple surrounded by nature.  It’s exotic and luxurious, but also kind of eerie.