Would you agree with me that Urban Outfitters has been killing it lately with their stellar selection of clothes, shoes, and accessories?  I must admit I stayed away from their stores for a while because I got tired of seeing every girl in LA wearing the same exact thing and knowing just where they got it.  But they’ve come around and I’m pretty impressed.  And now I’m becoming a devoted reader of their blog –  I just noticed this Q & A with Lola and Diva Dompe from the LA band, Blackblack.  I saw them play not long ago and was completely charmed by their innocence and their style, not to mention their music.  They are two sisters that grew up in LA and have a fond appreciation for fairy tales and dreaming.  Check out these photos from the UO blog and read their Q & A session here.  And, click here to check them (and their home) out on The Selby.