It takes a certain girl to wear Kate Spade just right.  And by a certain girl, I mean perfect gamines like you see in this amazing ad campaign from a few seasons back.  I am totally not a Kate Spade girl (although I did own a black KS tote 12 years ago), but when I look at these pictures I feel like I just might want to pull off a zebra print bag with kelly green details. Maybe.  This ad campaign came about before Liz Claiborne bought the KS brand, when Kate was still the brains behind the designs.  I love the whole BFF road trip happening with stops to scour random stores and hit up old libraries and get lost in books no one has ever heard of.  It makes me excited about my upcoming trip with my BFF to Austin for a week of raging at the SXSW music festival.  


ks6The ultimate sun hat on the left

ks1Wig + Road Trip = Way More Fun

ks7Peep-toe’s with Bows. Adorable.

ks3One of these days I am going to sit in a library all day and browse through old books for inspiring images to post here.

ks8This has always been one of my favorite photos.

ks21The ultimate getaway car.

ks5Treasure hunting in the middle of nowhere.

ks4This is where the fun begins.