For as long as I can remember, I have always gravitated towards men’s clothing.  In elementary school, I wore my brother’s Generra sweatshirt with his Levi’s AND his turquoise high top Converse.  Everything was ridiculously huge on me and I honestly don’t know what compelled me to wear his clothes in public, nor do I know why my mother let me out of the house looking like a fool.   But that urge to don menswear stuck with me and I have been wearing boy blazers, oversized button downs, and loose trousers for quite some time.  I am really digging all of the new ways to wear menswear – the feminine tuxedo blazer that is still masculine, the boyfriend jean, the heavy metal hesher denim jacket, and my personal favorite – my baggy vintage military pants.  Here’s some inspiration for my menswear-inspired look that I plan to keep rocking for years to come.


My favorite model, Stephanie Seymour, in a power suit from 1986.  


I adore this photo of the Chloè PR team looking chic and a little bit undone in their menswear-inspired garb.  2004.

mens1I loathe most celebrities, but Kirsten Dunst has an unfussy, effortlessly cool style that I admire.  Love the skinny trouser and the buttoned-to-the-neck shirt.

mens5One of my favorite menswear looks – a Brooks Brothers suit in a muted color worn with berry bright oxfords.  Perfection.


The thrown together, sexy, cool downtown look that Erin Wasson has claimed.  I am all about some short cut-offs and a perfectly cut blazer.