This is one of my most favorite editorials of all time.  I ripped it out of W in 2004 and each time I look at it I am just completely floored at the mystical grandeur of it all.  I tend to like images that are set in bedrooms, nature, or grandiose homes and these are just that.  These photographs are kind of regal, but also dark and a little cultish.  I can’t help but think that there is something lying beneath the exterior of the models and the rooms – something gothic and cult-like, or a type of secret society that I want to be a part of.  The shoot was styled by Lori Goldstein who used rich jewel tones, lots of satin, and a fair amount of ivory and black to set the mood.  


This is exactly the kind of mirror I want to create.  A giant reflection surrounded by antlers.


I am loving all of these colors together, especially that shade of greenish blue paired with pale pink.  And how amazing is that mosaic floor? 


I can’t even begin to describe how cool this image is.  It’s so, so beautiful and I can’t help but think that it should be incorporated into a fashion ad campaign.  



A matching bedspread and wallpaper never looked so good together.  I love how tall the ceiling is in this bedroom.  And I’m actually more captivated by the girl in her skivvies staring in the mirror.  It’s like two stories going on in one scene.


The perfect backdrop.  


A very nymph-like, ethereal beauty walking down a path through the wilderness.