It’s hard for me to not write about fashion week since it gets me so excited, but I know that it can be a bit of an overkill when just about every fashion website is talking about it right now. But I got really inspired by’s reference of Claude Montana in the Alexander Wang show review and I couldn’t help but make some comparisons myself.  Firstly, I should start by saying that I am a follower of Wang and I think that he is really making an important mark in the fashion world.  I don’t think that he is doing anything new that we’ve never seen before, but he is taking his aesthetic to a whole new level.  He has completely transformed the downtown girl into a revered style icon that people are paying attention to.  It’s a whole effortlessly cool throwback to the ’80s but with a modern, grunge girl appeal that I’m interested in.  And while the grunge girl seems to have bid farewell – judging by Wang’s current Fall ’09 collection – there’s still that sex appeal he’s known for as witnessed in all his leather looks.  A nod to Claude Montana, the famed French designer who made a name for himself in the ’80s constructing powerful, tailored leather looks is what Alex Wang gave and whether or not it was intentional, it was visible.  The croc jackets, the body-con cut outs, the baggy leather pants, and the shapely leather jackets were all very Claude.  Below, a few comparisons.


Baggy leather pants at Alexander Wang, Fall 2009


Claude Montana leather pants.


Nordic knits paired with Montana’s balloon-y high-waisted leather pants.



The new ’80s-inspired leather jacket(s).


A head-to-toe leather look at Claude Montana.


Another curve-hugging jacket by Montana.  I have yet to see bad ass sleeves like this.


Those body-con cut outs.  


One of my favorite Claude Montana photos.  It would be cheesy if it weren’t so cool.


A croc jacket at Wang.


The inspiration.

Alexander Wang photos from  Visit the Claude Montana website for more inspiring images.