The shoes at Proenza Schouler were SCANDALOUS.  I want to get my hands on all of these. These are serious biz.  And btw, I loved that they showed lots of cuffed shorts with tights – shorts are becoming a year-round closet staple and I like it.


I mean….come on.  These are out of control amazing.  They look like an old velvet ’70s purse, and like something to get your groove on in.  I love that the leather is sandwiched between wood.


These kind of remind me of that western shoe  that Givenchy did last season, but ten times better.  I am all about that mustard yellow!


Definitely one of the sickest heels I have ever seen.  The way it protrudes out in the back is so bitchin’, and that grainy wood reminds me of Danish modern furniture.  This is a sexy shoe.


The yellow throws off the entire shoe, which I like.  It’s a nice complement to the chocolate brown and velvet, which actually looks like snakeskin.

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