Last night my friend Chelito and I went to see a short film about Sister Corita Kent that was curated by Aaron Rose (who also curated Beautiful Losers) titled Become a Microscope.  Sister Corita Kent was a Catholic nun who taught art at the Immaculate Heart College in Los Angeles beginning in the late ’40s and spread her message of hope and peace to her students and community.  She was a serigraph artist and also created collages with epic, poignant messages that were unheard of from a nun during those days (and these, too).  The film was centered around 90 statements of Sister Corita Kent that were all given by former students and those who spent enough time with her to know what kind of an inspiration she truly was.  Almost all of the women interviewed said that they carried her values and messages throughout their lives and live by them every day.  I thought that was so beautiful and touching.  One of the interviewees said that Sister Corita Kent found it important to really be grateful for what you have in your life and that once you could see all that you do have, you could truly start to be happy for everything that your friends have and appreciate all of the wonderful things that come their way without envy.  I thought that was a valuable message, because so much energy is wasted in this world on envy and jealousy.  Sister Corita Kent is one of my heroes. Read more about her here and check out this video of Aaron Rose in Berlin talking about her work.  Also, an exhibit of her work is currently up at Cal State Northridge.