I am headed to Austin tomorrow to partake in some scandalous SXSW activities. Nothing bad, just some typical raging.  I’ll be back next week, but in the meantime have a look at the lovely Stephanie Seymour.  She is worthy of a style icon title, and I have always been drawn to her impeccable taste in clothing and her beauty that can sometimes be slightly raunchy, but in a good way.  And, she was married to Axl Rose.  Remember “November Rain?”  Enough said. These are some images I scanned from W Mag‘s December  1999 issue.  Not sure who the photographer was, but I have a feeling it was Juergen Teller.  It’s known that Stephanie Seymour has amassed an amazing collection of vintage designer clothing that she takes great pride in.  The clothing in these photos belongs to her, and she obviously has stunning taste.  I think she’s the bizness.


Zandra Rhodes circa 1973


Chanel circa 1959


André Courrèges circa 1969


Balenciaga circa 1961