I haven’t felt like blogging much lately.  I sometimes go through these phases where I’m not feeling that inspired to write about anything.  It used to bother me but I’ve learned to accept it and I’m certain I’m not the only one that has uninspired feelings.  Am I right?!  Anyway, I’ve just returned from my 2nd trip to Peru.  Ali, one of the greatest, lives part time in Lima (she is Peruvian) and travels back and forth to visit her family.  I always have an amazing visit and come back with tales of adventure and A LOT of stuff purchased from the markets and cool little shops.  I feel so lucky that I have locals showing me around – I get to experience Peru like no one else!   I could seriously write a mini travel guide on where to go, where to eat, secret shopping spots, etc.   I have yet to visit Macchu Picchu, but the 3rd time is a charm, right?  My husband couldn’t come along on this trip so there was no way I was going to visit one of the seven wonders of the world without him.  Here, a little diary from Peru.  More to come…

IMG_2942A faux llama at the market.

IMG_2848This is Ali, one my oldest and dearest friends.  It’s more like Ali Bone and  Jo Thuggy (me) – we used to sing a lot of Bone Thugs & Harmony back in the day.  This was taken at Peru Moda, a trade show in Lima that her mom, Meche Correa kept a booth at. Meche designs stunning jewelry, bags, and clothing.  These are some of her baubles.  Amazing, right?  I felt so lucky to have been there during an important time for Meche – she had a fashion show on the last day of Peru Moda and she blew everyone away.  She’s big time in Peru – if you haven’t heard of her yet, WATCH OUT.

IMG_2878This is a look from the Meche Correa fashion show.  The volume of this dress is crazy in person.  I was in love with the hat – it was like a little spider.  And the wrap was all handmade – the details are ridiculous up close.

IMG_2901Just hanging out at the convenience store.  I love all the packaging of snacks.


Ali’s aunt owns this restaurant, El Senorio del Sulco.  I don’t even know what to say.  First of all, Peruvian food is the absolute best, in my opinion.  The ceviche is top notch, known as the best in the world, actually.  It’s made with corn, with kernels the size of the nail bed of my thumb.  You will not find better ceviche anywhere in the world, I guarantee it.  El Senorio serves up a huge fancy buffet of the most rich, fine tasting seafood, meats, vegetables, Peruvian sushi, and ceviche.  I even saw a whole pig, which really grossed me out.  I sampled 6 different desserts, too.  I didn’t take photos of the food, but I did take a photo of the ceiling which I fell in love with.  Spices and dried flowers hung upside down – I want to create this in my home someday.


I loved these ceramic dolls sitting atop the piano at El Senorio del Sulco.

IMG_2908Awesome masks hanging on the walls of El Senorio del Sulco.

IMG_2912The houses in the neighborhood of Miraflores, near the beach, are covered in bright colors and seem to always have interesting doors.  This was one of my favorites.

IMG_2921Bad news right here.  Pisco (Peruvian liquor that is waaay strong) and gingerale.  Two of these and I was smashed.  I had the worst hangover the day after and I was completely out of commission.  We drank these at Juanito’s – the oldest bar in the Barranco, a bohemian neighborhood filled with awesome houses, cool shops and restaurants, and drunk people like us.  The hangover was worth it.

IMG_2927Dusty bottles at Juanito’s.

IMG_2932When the bar shuts down, so does the gate.  You then have to make your exit out of this tiny door like you see Ali doing.  Btw, that’s one of Ali’s tote bags.  It’s cute, it’s sturdy, it holds everything, it’s ‘green’, and it can be purchased here.

IMG_2944A view from the top of Ali’s hi-rise.