And so the adventure continued….

IMG_2948The Correa family has mad skills.  Ali’s dad, Hiran Correa, designs and makes furniture out of an outdoor warehouse.  This is a photo of two of his workers doing some serious wood carving.  This was my second time to visit Hiran’s workshop and once again I was blown away. 

IMG_2953This is the real deal.  No Pottery Barn, Ethan Allen mass produced stuff.


Look at these chairs Hiran found!  

IMG_2959An old tub.  Isn’t it perfect?


IMG_2977Ali and I were obsessed with this rug.  The colors were super vibrant but you can’t tell because I couldn’t use a flash inside the store.  Dedalo is a store in Barranco that you could spend all day in.  More pics to come on Dedalo, but should you go, take A LOT of cash.  It’s like a museum only everything is available for purchase and pretty much everything will have you freaking out.  Bill Clinton just purchased one of Meche’s bags for Chelsea at Dedalo.  Even Bill knows what’s up.

IMG_2982This is Meche having some coffee at a museum cafe’ in Barranco.  She’s so glamorous, isn’t she?!

IMG_2983HEartwork at the museum cafe’.

IMG_2985How fun would it be to hop on one of these and cruise all over town?