Ali and I went to Jorge’ and Tomas’s beach house and it was unlike anything I had ever seen before.  Jorge’ and Tomas are friends of the Correa family and they are so much fun to be around.  They were also very hospitable which made it difficult to leave this beautiful place!

IMG_3120What?  I know.  Insanity.  This was the outdoor seating area that was built like Rome.  I didn’t get to experience the fire that shoots out the top of the columns at night.  Apparently I’ll have to visit again during the summer to see it happen.  But isn’t this amazing?  To the left is…


An infinity pool that drips into the ocean.  Those stairs that you see take you to the beach.

IMG_3158Another hang out spot with an outdoor fireplace.

IMG_3135There were single roses sitting in vases all over the place.  Candles were lit at night and I remember thinking “this is what life is all about.”  Seriously the most epic setting to be in – outdoors by the ocean with endless wine and great conversation.

IMG_3171A view from the top.

IMG_3172This is the view from the grassy hill.  Both of those spots belong to Jorge’ and Tomas.  We slept on the second floor in a room filled with amazing antiques.  I wish I would have taken pics!  Jorge’ and Tomas own an antiques shop in Lima.

IMG_3174I love this photo.

carBack in Lima.  There are a lot of old bad-ass cars that are in perfect condition.  I was really into this one.

IMG_2971I meant to post this along with the photos of Hiran Correa’s warehouse, since it was taken there.  This is the front door and that’s me saying hello.  I’m not really into posting photos of myself on my blog because, you know, that’s how I roll.

IMG_3043Graffiti on a building in the neighborhood of Barranco.  Barranco is awesome.  I didn’t really explore the hood the first time I went to Peru.  But this is where I would live if Peru became my home.  It’s like Silverlake or Echo Park in LA, but not as gentrified.

IMG_3047Don’t even get me started on this ice cream.  D’anafria makes some bon bons that will freak you out.  These D’anafria bicycles blow any ice cream truck away.  Ali and I devoured some bon bons before heading inside to Dedalo – my favorite store in Lima, also located in Barranco.

IMG_3058As I mentioned in an earlier Peru post, Dedalo is like a museum but everything is available for purchase.  There are different rooms dedicated to different designers and their craft, and there are hallways filled with cool textiles and handmade greeting cards, photo albums, diaries, and tons of knick knacks.  There is also an outdoor cafe’ and a little garden area.  I could seriously spend all day here.

IMG_3059You can even buy plants at Dedalo.

IMG_3056I was obsessed with these and wanted to take them home but they weren’t available for sale.  I found out that they were purchased in Guatemala.  Luckily for me, I have an aunt that lives in Guatemala.  I am going to see if she can find them for me! Fingers crossed.  More Peru to come….