My last Peru post.  I can’t believe it’s almost been a month since I returned.  The excitement hasn’t died down, but I definitely know that I’m back in LA.

IMG_2968More good stuff from Hiran Correa’s workshop.  I’m way into those keys.

IMG_2973You see little houses/shops like this all over Barranco.  I thought this one was so charming. It’s slightly run down but that little tree adds some love.

IMG_3062Fruit stand on a bicycle.  I’m bringing it to the states.

IMG_2991We went to the Pedro de Osma Museum and took a tour.  It was fascinating – you can read all about the history of the museum here.  This bench was outside – I felt really important sitting on it, like I was untouchable.  Kind of like a queen.

IMG_3069We kept passing by this house in Ali’s neighborhood and I couldn’t help but think of Hansel and Gretel each time we drove by.

IMG_3087Our appetizer at Rafael, the most divine restaurant in Lima.  Those are shrimp you see.  I scooped the shrimp out of the shell and dipped it in that lemon cream sauce.  Splendid.

IMG_3088My entree’ consisted of lobster mixed with a type of lettuce, mango, red peppers and a few other tasty treats, all sitting in a foam-y truffle oil.  It was so decadent and I believe the words that came out of mouth went something like “This is the best thing I have ever eaten in my life.”  

IMG_3099Bright lights big city.

IMG_3187Roadside wonders.

IMG_3264Another glorious fruit stand.

IMG_3538I bought this poncho in Lima.  I am in love with it.  It’s all handmade and fits really short on me.  I’ve worn it once with charcoal harem pants and some bright purple and mustard yellow tango shoes that I bought in Buenos Aires a few years ago.  It’s definitely a statement piece so I have to be careful with accessories – the ethnic look can be overpowering if I’m not careful.  Long gold necklaces work well!

IMG_3539A close-up.

IMG_3540I also left Lima with this work of art.  I about died when I saw this in a little shop in Barranco.  It is all handmade from vintage silk.  The embroidery and the beading is exquisite.  I LOVE the baby pink tassels at the bottom.  And the shape?  Insane perfection.

IMG_3541I took these at night in my bedroom so I apologize for the lack of true color.  But here it is, up close and personal.

IMG_3542Look at the details on the sleeve!

IMG_3543The End.