I had a pretty stellar weekend.  Went to San Luis Obispo to visit my in-laws which is always guaranteed to be a relaxing getaway.  Rarely do my husband and I leave their house to venture out, unless it’s to go hiking or to the farmer’s market. Their house is absolute paradise – a gorgeous garden that is in full bloom and is filled with fruits and veggies; a hot tub complete with the most perfect view of the hillside; a back gate that leads all the way up to Cerro San Luis (awesome hike); and so many comfy reading spots that it’s hard to choose.  We came back to LA to participate in Sunday’s first “Hunt and Gather” event which was a success.  A group of peeps got together to sell vintage clothes, artwork, vegan treats, margaritas, and all kinds of goodness.  Sunday night we went to see Amazing Baby and Phoenix play at The Wiltern.  Phoenix is out of control amazing on stage.  Not only are they amazing musicians, but they also put on a ridiculously good show.  They played old hits and new hits and the entire sold out crowd was dancing and going nuts, and when the show ended and the lights came on, Michael Jackson’s Rock with You came on and it turned into an even bigger dance party.  It was totally “a moment.”

IMG_3602Hanging out at my in-laws

IMG_3591The lush garden

IMG_3592They turned their greenhouse into a guest room!  It’s so awesome – you can see the stars at night while lying in bed.  I wish I could say that I sleep out there a lot, but the truth is it’s been a while.  I got bit by a spider the last time I slept in there.

IMG_3593This is the lemon tree that leads to a little pond.  The lemons are the size of oranges, and I swear I’ve seen a couple the size of grapefruits.

IMG_3597Look at these artichokes!  They are just about ready to be devoured.

IMG_3607View from the hot tub.

huntSome vintage clothes and accessories sold at Hunt and Gather.



IMG_3651These are terrariums that my friend Matthew makes.  They are filled with moss, wooden sea creatures, vintage clocks, beetles, and all kinds of wonders.


Some classic novels



IMG_3676Robert and baby Oliver

IMG_3677The $1 margarita crowd

IMG_3691The lovely Nina

IMG_3692Zach and Nicole are getting married!

IMG_3696The Queen of Hunt and Gather, Sara

IMG_3699And lastly, Phoenix