My friend Hollie recently told me about this fragrance line, D.S. & Durga, and the very next day I was happy to find an interview with the Brooklyn couple behind the line on Refinery 29.  Inspired by botany, each fragrance borrows from history and is complete with a thorough description of where each plant and scent originated.  A scent from their first collection is called “Cowgirl Grass” and is made from Linden, also known as a “lime flower”,  along with White Lotus or “white water lily.”  What really inspired me was the fact that D.S. & Durga collaborate on these beautiful concoctions in their home.   It makes me want to start more projects.  Durga also said in her interview that “memory is the most essential thing to making a scent—as you must remember the impression something has left upon you even if you are using your imagination.”  This is so true.   There is nothing that makes me feel more nostalgic then a scent – it always takes me back to a certain point in time and I love relishing the moment.  Just two days ago, I caught a scent of a tote bag given to me by friend, Ali, in Peru. It had that woodsy, musky smell that reminded me of her house that I love so much.  Now I want to bottle that scent.






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Picture 5All images from Refinery 29 and D.S. & Durga website