I just discovered this line of knitwear by Everlasting Sprout, a company based in Japan that was founded by Keiichi Muramatsu and Noriko Seki.  Keiichi previously worked for Italian yarn manufacturer, Lineapiu, which comes as no surprise since these works of art look meticulously thought out from color to concept.  Keiichi and Noriko make all kinds of wondrous creations spun from yarn and extend beyond fashion and into the world of art and interiors, with “sweet” lamps covered so decoratively in yarn that they look like cotton candy.  Dresses take on futuristic shapes but have a fairytale quality about them, with pastel colors giving off a glowing, ethereal feel.  It’s interesting to see something so basic as yarn take on an otherworldly quality.  Muramatsu says, ” We want to produce things with the sense of reaching toward hope like sprouts grow toward sunlight.”   








lamp04All images from Everlasting Sprout