Camille-Bidault Waddington has her own thing going on, and a good thing it is.  Known for her styling skills, she creates a world that operates outside of the fashion norm and for that I salute her.  Her personal style is haphazardly chic, playfully flirtatious, sexy without being overt, and very French with some tongue-in-cheek thrown in, almost as if she’s saying “the joke’s on you.”  She obviously likes fashion, but she doesn’t take it too seriously, playing by her own rules instead.  She wears the clothes, not vice versa.  If I had to compose a short list of style icons, Camille Bidault-Waddington would make the cut, sitting right next to her husband Jarvis Cocker.  I scanned these photos shot by Horst Diekgerdes from an issue of Purple Fashion F/W 2006-2007.  They’re not every day street style shots, but they still reflect her sense of style.