Are you one of those people that celebrates your birthday all week?  As vain as it sounds, I am definitely one of those.  Once you make it past 30, you deserve to celebrate for a week.  On the agenda: beach, horseback riding, roller skating party, cake, tacos, more cake.  Yes, I am pretty much still a child.  These are a few things I’m lusting after.

mzwClara Bag by M.Z. Wallace.  This will be arriving soon.  Happy Birthday!


Alexandra Cassaniti‘s black patent leather wedge – perfect for summer.

onesie fpd

Alexander Wang onesie

Picture 3

Family book by Lauren Dukoff

Picture 1Repetto “Jackson” shoe.  I never get tired of black patent leather.


Audible Visions CD mixed by Ill-Studio and Alexis Le-Tan.  I can’t wait to get my hands on this. This song reminds me of Thrill Kill Kult and a little bit of Ministry – some good new wave and industrial mixed with the perfect dance beats. Check out the video below.