I just got home from my friend Matthew’s house where we watched 120 Minutes on VHI Classic.  Soooo good.  Then we got into a discussion about the euphoric, nostalgic feelings that ’80s music gives us and about how the ’90s were the peak of great music videos.  We freaked out when the video for Radiohead’s “Fake Plastic Trees” came on because we both realized we hadn’t seen it since it first came out.  I don’t even like Radiohead – I’m probably the only person on the planet to admit that, but I must say that’s a great song.  If television consisted only of 120 Minutes, the Travel Channel, Animal Planet and the Food Network, I might consider getting cable, or television reception for that matter.  Here, a bad video for one of my favorite songs that brings back a lot of memories.  No one has a voice like Elizabeth Fraser.