The New York Times recently ran a story titled “The New Antiquarians” that I was really inspired by.  Featuring three homes filled with antiques, taxidermy, apothecary cabinets, portraits of ancestors, and many more objects with a past, the story was an interesting look into the lives of the seemingly creative individuals mentioned.  Aside from being struck by the beauty of the unbelievably cool décor, I was also really inspired at how curious these people are about the things belonging in their homes, and life in general.  Their homes really evoke their lifestyles and interests, and go far beyond the typical trend of a deer head hung on a wall or a framed butterfly.  They’re authentic.  You can read the article here.


The home of Hollister and Porter Hovey.  They have an amazing blog, Hollister Hovey, that is a must-read.



Below, the home of Sean Crowley and Meredith Modzelewski.  Sean is a neckwear designer for Ralph Lauren.



Below, the home of Ryan Matthew who collects Victorian oddities and osteological (the scientific study of bones) antiques.