I love food and I love to eat.  In fact, one of my summer goals is to make a new recipe every week.  Since I’m unable to watch television (no reception) I get most of my recipes from friends, magazines, and the internet.  One of my recent discoveries is jamie magazine, and I’m convinced that it has to be the best food magazine out there.  Known to most as “The Naked Chef,” Jamie Oliver can really do a meal right.  His magazine does a brilliant job of paying homage to authentic food around the world, thoroughly explaining the origins, and also introduces various culinary geniuses behind some of the best dishes that I have yet to discover.  Not only are there numerous delectable creations to choose from, but each city described is complete with a mini travel guide highlighting the best of the best – cities to dine in, bars to drink in, farms to visit, etc.  And I should also note that almost every mention is pretty much off the beaten path – my kind of traveling.  Here’s a taste of the July/Aug issue.

jamie1Sporades, a group of scattered islands in the western Aegean known to Greek fisherman as the “gates of the wind”.

jamie2Dishes from Sporades

jamie3Emma Parkin who has her own bread shop in Exeter, Devon.  She says, “There’s something fundamental about bread.  If you think about the word ‘companion’, it comes from con pane, Latin for ‘with bread’.  That’s something people hanker after, isn’t it?  They’re increasingly isolated.  A good loaf is something that can be shared.”

jamie4Tom Herbert – Hobbs House Bakery, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire.  He says all he ever wanted to do was bake.  Amazing, right?  Also pictured – John Dungavel, The Old Post Office Bakery in London

jamie5I want to go to Sicily.  Now.

jamie6And when I get there, I want to get all up in this business.

jamie9This issue’s travel story was dedicated to Lisbon.

jamie8I love all of these tiles.

jamie10Bico and Bairro Alto in Lisbon, a cherry brandy in Baixa, and the Carmo ruins.

jamie12Museo Coleccao Berardo with an exhibit by Austrian artist, Peter Kogler