Those who know me know that I have a never ending wish list of books that keeps growing and growing.  There is always some type of creative tome or classic novel that I am pining for. My collection isn’t that big, mostly because I need to get through the ones that are unread in my closet and on my desk before I start going on a mad shopping spree.  However, my collection did grow when I got married to a man that could honestly read 18 hours in a day and be content.  The man loves to read, which is one of my favorite things about him. Anyway, I am now obsessing over a few titles and have been adding them to various online shopping carts, hoping that they will soon be mine. On that note, I’m off to the library to do some research on shoes and textiles.

warymeyersWary Meyers’ Tossed and Found: Linda and John Meyers are an interior decorating duo and are masters at turning something old into something new, with a twist. Their home was featured in Domino a couple of years ago and I remember that Linda’s closet was filled with psychedelic music posters and the coolest ’70s garb I’d ever seen.  Below, a few pics from their new book.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

loveyourstyleFashion consultant and Vogue contributor, Amanda Brooks, is coming out with her first book dedicated to personal style. From bohemian to classic to street, each look is identified through various style icons including Jane Birkin, Carolyn Bessette, and Carine Roitfeld.  A photo of Brooks’s parents below:


pictorialPictorial Webster’s: A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities. I am really excited about this one.



artdecotxtArt Deco Textiles – I love Art Deco prints and I can only imagine how much inspiration is in here.

womenwhorunAnd lastly, Women Who Run With the Wolves. I’ve heard that this is a “must-read” for any woman who embraces feminism and is ready to unleash their inner self.  I’m sold.