Leave it to Alexander Wang to combine sweats with leather and to turn out some seriously amazing footwear.  But while there were some highlights at the Wang show, I’m not too sure how I feel overall about his Spring 2010 collection.  I get his take on Americana, but not too many of the clothes are wearable in my opinion, which is something I wouldn’t expect from Wang.  I appreciate creating clothes for the sake of “show”, but it’s something I expect more from Galliano or Gaultier, not a young American contemporary designer.  That said, he is a very influential designer that is having his moment and I give him credit for staying true to his aesthetic, but I’m wishing the collection looked more like a certain number of the looks he sent down the runway like the red and white striped slashed knits or the tuxedo vest with sheer shorts and that cool zipper detail.



braidsThe side swept braids were a definite highlight for me.  I love the effortlessly romantic look.

00130mTasseled slip-on wedges in buttery caramel.  I have a thing for tassels.

01010mA corset shoe with zippers.  Brilliant.

00450mAll images from Style.com