Sundays are my favorite day of the week.  I always feel refreshed and completely ready to take on the world when I wake up early on a perfect L.A. Sunday and start my day.  That sounds so Mr. Rogers, I know, but I’m a total morning person and I LOVE it.  I woke up last Sunday and hit the Rose Bowl with my friend Nina and spent close to four hours shopping and wishing I had unlimited amounts of cash to burn.  If you’re a flea market shopper, you know that sometimes the best flea markets can be an absolute hit or an absolute miss.  This one was a hit.  After leaving Pasadena, we headed back to the hood and had coffee and tea at Casbah Cafe’, the most charming cafe’ in Los Angeles.  Inside, it feels as if you were dropped off at a bohemian paradise that’s part Morocco, part Paris, and part Turkey.  The design aesthetic is both romantic and exotic, with huge chalkboard menus covered in boulangerie style type. Delectable pastries and snacks are carefully arranged next to striped tote bags, since the cafe’ also doubles as a boutique filled with a well-edited selection of clothing, accessories, and home furnishings from far-flung corners of the world.  Just looking at how perfectly merchandised everything is from the food to the furnishings makes me happy.  It’s a neighborhood gem that I cherish.

IMG_4211At the Rose Bowl: This vendor always has the best selection of random furnishings.  It’s like he raided an abandoned department store, movie theater, farm, and hotel 40 years ago. Nearly everything is awesome.

IMG_4210Like these old hotel key rings, for example.

IMG_4206This guy was serious biz with his Navajo-ness.  So good.

IMG_4209Hand beaded moccasins.  I’ve come across these a few times, but never in these cool colors.

IMG_4212I really wish I would have bought this insane collage.


IMG_4213The lovely Nina






IMG_4222And then on the way out I saw this:

IMG_4225A 1974, 4.5 Mercedes Benz.  The extended version.  My dream ride.

IMG_4226I think I was made for this car.  The owner offered to take my picture while sitting in the driver’s seat.  I was afraid that I might steal it, so I declined.