Let’s be honest here – it’s all about Paris Fashion Week.  It’s been three years since I’ve visited Paris and after seeing images from the Rochas show, I want to hop a plane immediately and land in The City of Light as I pretend that I’m living in a French colony, much like the ladies at Rochas as described by Marco Zanini.  Zanini created a luxuriously casual collection that I am completely in love with.  There was nothing fussy or uptight about the Rochas woman; she exuded a pared down elegance with a hint of sexiness and playful sophistication, bursting with color and vibrance.  I call it relaxed dressing and it’s what I’m feeling these days – easy clothes with a personality that you can accessorize to make your own.  I can’t help but call out the socks with sandals and heels – I’ve been obsessed with this charming combination and I’m now seeing it all over the runways for spring. It’s safe to say it’s the next big accessory trend.








00250mAll images from Style.com